Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Where to Begin?...

Okay, so I tried this whole blog thing once before and I kind of lost interest pretty quickly, but I'm hoping that this time will be different.  It seems like everybody is blogging, and maybe I'm just feeling a little left out, or maybe I finally feel like I have a little more to say than I did several years ago, but either way, here goes!

I guess I'm mostly looking to post about various different things that deal with my experiences being a mama (and wife, and sister, and sister-in-law, and daughter and daughter-in-law, and auntie etc... )and how being a mama effects all my different roles in life.

I've always known that I wanted to get married and have a children.  So, when I met Mr. Right and he proposed (in a very beautiful, romantic and heart-felt way that I will always remember) I of course said YES!!!!  We got married about 8 months later and decided that we were going to enjoy married life as just husband and wife for a few years (I believe the actual number that was discussed was 5 years).  Well, about a little over a year into our marriage we started talking about perhaps not waiting quite as long as we had originally thought. (Okay, I started talking about not waiting 5 years.)  So after some discussion we thought maybe 3 years was a little more realistic.

In the mean time I had been trying to lose some weight and it seemed that no matter how much I worked out or watched what I ate I was still gaining.  Ugh.  So after a conversation with my mom, I decided to go to the doctor and have them check my thyroid levels.  My mom has hypothyroidism and, typically, if mom has it, daughter will probably end up with it eventually.  So, I went and talked to the doctor, discussed with them what I was doing to try to lose weight and it seemed that all I was doing was getting heavier.  Add in the fact that my mom was about my age when she was first diagnosed with and under-active thyroid and the doctor agreed that we should definitely check my thyroid levels.  They also suggested trying WeightWatchers (the nurse that worked with that doctor had a lot of success with WW and they both agreed that it was effective and a healthy option).  So I started WW (kind of) and my thyroid was, indeed, a bit sluggish.

While all of this was going on I also decided that I should make an appointment with my OB/GYN because most of my weight gain started when I started on birth control in college.  (Not that I need to justify my choice, but I went on birth control for period/ major cramp management, not for other reasons.)  I decided that I wanted to try switching to a different kind and see if that helped things in the weight department as well. So, after talking my weight issue (and thyroid issue) over with the OB/GYN, I decided to switch to YAZ.  Well, I finally started to lose weight!  I was so excited!  I was loosing weight at a healthy pace and really starting to be happier about the way my body looked and how I felt in clothes.  Unfortunately, I wasn't loving the YAZ.  My cramps started to come back, and boy did they come back with a vengeance.  I was also having wonky periods and I was just not loving the way I felt.  The whole reason I was taking the stupid stuff was to give me a regular period and make my cramps less painful/non-existent.  Neither of those things were happening.  But at this point, between the thyroid meds, birth control, WW and exercising I was down about 20 lbs, even with Thanksgiving and Christmas being thrown in there!  Right around New Years (2008 into 2009) we went on a big family vacation.  While there, I started to feel, weird.  I started getting some heartburn (which I never get) and all of a sudden I was super sensitive to certain smells.  (There were making chili when I walked into the kitchen and I almost threw up!)  So I told Mr. Right about how I was feeling, and that it was right around the time that I should start my period (but it wasn't yet late).  The prospect of being pregnant both excited and utterly terrified me.  I wasn't sure that I was ready, but I knew that everything is in God's timing and if this is the time that He wanted us to have a baby, then I knew it would all work out.  We were leaving for home the next day, so we decided to stop and get a pregnancy test and I would take it when we got home.  Longest 3 minutes of my life.  One line.  Not pregnant.  To be totally honest, I was a little relieved.  But that's when Mr. Right and I decided that I would finish up with the last month of birth control pills and then I wouldn't get a refill and we would just let things happen if they were going to happen.  So that's what I did.  Bye by birth control.

So, we weren't really actively trying to get pregnant at this point, but we weren't not trying (if that makes sense).  Well, it came time for my period to show up, and nothing...so I waited another week or so and still nothing.  So, after going through about 15 pregnancy test, I decided to call the OB/GYN and make an appointment.  I went in and they did a pregnancy test and it was negative.  So, they gave me something to start my period and then said that if it doesn't work to call back.  Well, it worked and then this time we decided we would be a little more deliberate with our trying.  But I wasn't really getting my hopes up.  Two months later, no period and not pregnant, I returned to my OB and they decided to run a bunch of labs and see what was going on and in the meantime they gave me something to start my period again.  So about a week later I get a call back from the OB (well, actually I had been seeing one of the Nurse Practitioners) and she told me what all my labs said and that everything was a little off and gave me the diagnosis of Poly-cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).  She had mentioned this possibility to me before doing the lab work so I had done a little reading up on the topic.  I wasn't totally devastated, but I wanted to know what was next...

Okay, so that was a lot...I'll finish this story in another post.

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